Pictures from Humans in Submarines, Stockholm, Inlagd 2005-01-09  Uppdaterad 20200412

August 18 - 20, 2004.

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Thank you for making Humans in Submarines a memorable event.

Best regards and looking forward to seeing you soon again

Hans Ornhagen, MD, PhD, Director of Research, Defence Medicine, Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)

Secretary General, Humans in Submarines


PS I will retire from the position as director of research at FOI this month. For future contacts please use


Swedish submarines type Gotland in the archipelago

Welcome and opening address by Surgeon General Sture Andersson, Sweden

Key note by Capt Dale Molé, USA

Key note by Dr Waldemar Mazurek, Australia

Key note by Capt Tomosumi Ikeda, Japan

Key note by Capt Jan Nordenman, Sweden

Key note by Cdr Richard Burston, UK

Panel led by Capt Anders Nilsson (sitting left end)

Part of the audience

Coffee pause and exhibition

Exhibition of rescue equipment 1

Exhibition of rescue equipment 2

The Sonar Club exhibition of radio controlled model submarines

The Swedish rescue submarine URF as a radio controlled model submarine built by Volker Küster.

The old escape training tower and museum close to the Vasa museum in Stockholm

The top of the escape training tank with a SEIS Mk8s and a Russian escape apparatus

Equipment for Swedish Army divers

The conference dinner at the Vasa museum

A tour and lunch onboard s/s Storskar was one of the accompanying guest activities

Happy girls eating "Strommingsflundra med potatismos" (Fried small herring with mashed potatoes)

Louise Haegerstedt (right) with accompanying guests

Sassa Ornhagen (left) with accompanying guests

Hans Ornhagen, Secretary General, Humans in Submarines